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2012 a year of great trips


In a few days the year will end and, once again, I would like to make a 2012 traveler summary. This year has been a year of great trips and of Carpe Diem. A year of taking advantage of life, health and money while you have it, because it has also been a year in which I have had the misfortune to verify that everything mentioned above can be very ephemeral.

January: Peru
After months without traveling, since the last big trip to Russia It had been five months before, we took this first trip of the year with great enthusiasm. The day of kings we embark towards Peru. We really wanted to visit that country, but especially Macchu Picchu and the sacred Valley. Peru loved it because It brings together everything we look for in a destination: nature, archaeological ruins and culture. The two weeks we spent there were short and we could not visit the north of the country, but we already have an excuse to return.

March: Cuenca
Two months after returning from Peru we made a lightning break to meet Basin and spend a weekend with very good friends and travel bloggers, thanks to Victor de My homeland are my shoes He invited us very kindly to his house in Garden of the Obispalía.


Taking advantage of the fact that this year Holy Week coincided with the cherry blossom, we traveled to Estremadura to visit the Jerte Valley, Mérida, Cáceres and Trujillo, and spend a few days with family and friends.

At Travel Blogger Meeting that was held in Malaga last year we had a week trip to Tunisia We enjoyed at the end of April. We loved the country and spent a week traveling in the north and visiting the Tunisian medina, the ruins of Dougga, Sidi Bou Said, the sacred city of Kairouan, Port el-Kantaoui and the amphitheater of El-Jem. Since we only had one week, we left the south for another occasion.

TBM Gredos

A new one was held in May Travel Blogger Meeting, this time within the framework of the Sierra de Gredos. It was a weekend of hugging trees, learning about SEO, meeting great travelers, laughing out loud and almost becoming trending topic because of a GPS.

East midlands
In June we spent a family weekend in East midlands, living life to the English. We were in Nottingham and Liverpool, and had a breakfast English breakfast at cottage family.

August: China
It was not really a destination on the list, but after the disappointment of not being able to travel to Botswana in summer, it ended up emerging as a revulsive. In summer we made the second “great trip” of the year. We travel to China to take a tour of two weeks through the imperial cities: Beijing, Datong, Pingyao, Xi'an and Luoyang. You know I'm superfan of Japan, but I have come back in love with China and especially Beijing. We liked this country so much that we are looking forward to returning to visit the south of the country.

Vall de Camprodon

In September we visited the Vall de Camprodon with Louise and David, who came to spend a few days in Barcelona. It was the first time we stepped on this Pyrenean area and we loved it, especially the village of Beget, where we spent an unforgettable day.

TBEX in Girona
He TBEX It is an international congress of travel bloggers that is organized twice a year, once in North America and once in Europe. This year, the European edition was held in Girona and, taking advantage of that Barbara and Laurel They were going, I didn't want to miss it. It was very interesting to see how English-speaking bloggers move and know how to sell themselves and it was a conference from which you can take advantage.