How to go from Aswan to Sinai without giving you an attack in the attempt


As usual, at six in the morning I woke up by my own means. It was already inevitable, he had acquired the baby schedule. It was very hot in the room, because although the air conditioning was on, the machine was unable to lower the room temperature to less than 27 degrees. As I could not sleep and a sun of justice was falling, I took the opportunity to wash clothes and lay it on the balcony of the room. On the agenda that day there was very little, go to Aswan airport and fly, stopping in Cairo, to Sharm el Sheikh.

We weren't going to sleep there, basically because it's too touristy. There is only one row after another of hotel macrocomplejos of international chains. The same as anywhere else in the world, without any charm or contact with reality. Well, if you are fond of diving Sharm el Sheik is ideal because it is close to the Ras Mohamed national park, but that was not the case and in fact the original idea was to go to Sinai to rest and relax in a small hotel on the coast. And I said primordial idea because the supposed week that we were going to be resting without doing anything, in the end it ended up being reduced to just one day.

At nine o'clock we went down to the hotel pool to take a bath before having breakfast, but at that time the sun was so itchy that we had little time to not shrink. What about the breakfast of a 5 * hotel? Everything you would like and more. As the plane left at 1:30 pm and with the stops we would not arrive at the hotel until seven in the afternoon, we made a breakfast-brunch-meal.

At the time we went to the airport (which was hyper small). When we checked our bags, they told us that they were not sending our bags directly to Sharm el Sheikh, but that in Cairo we had to collect our bags and check them again. In fact, the boarding pass was a simple paper with the flight number and the handwritten seat. There we met Manuel and his family again. They were on our same flight, but mysteriously in the end they put them on a flight that left an hour later than us. We talked with them for a long time, until at some point I realized that we should have embarked for a long time and it turned out that our flight had been delayed. So we went to ask what happened.

-Round 1-
-Sorry, I see that our flight has been delayed, is there a problem?
-Yes, the plane is in Abu Simbel, they have technical problems and we are waiting for it to arrive.
-And how long will it take?
-You don't know.
-Ummm, well, in Cairo we stop to go to Sharm el Sheikh.
-No problem, too many flights to Sharm el Sheikh.
-Yes? Insurance?
-Yes, yes, there are many flights from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh.
-Yes, now, but will they relocate us?
-Yes, of course, it is our problem and therefore we will solve it.
-How much does a flight leave?
-Every half an hour or 45 minutes.
- Is there no possibility of placing us on another flight? (Since the waiting room is half empty and I doubt they are full).
-Well no, they are all full. Do not worry.

And nothing, that we returned to the waiting room with Manuel and his family. The man was already joking that this was like a town farewell in the 50s that lasted a whole day. Anyway, I already know why they had changed the flight to them: surely the agency anointed someone and placed their clients on a flight that was sure to leave. I looked around, it couldn't be that the planes were full because there weren't so many people waiting to board. And I looked at the exit panel with concern. There were two more flights before 3 o'clock in the afternoon and then the last one leaving at six o'clock for Cairo. I began to worry because I saw myself spending the night in Aswan. So after a while we returned to the Egyptair counter.